Let down .........................,,

My life experience has taught me mistrust, in close relationships however they have manifested such as trying to be a good daughter when father figure kept being a creep in early childhood. Lead to relationships when I was 16 I lived with a man who was 25! Heartbreak of a life time, never really got over it had
Boyfriends just didn’t find love again. This was pre-schizophrenia days Have you guys had similar stories?


Denial of schizophrenia days , I had been institutionalised and in and out!


yes I have similar stories in my past and realised how much I was letting that influence my current life. Life is all about learning. And apparently I am a slow learner lol

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I think we’ve all had that hard boot to the heart in life. I know I’ve given my heart to the wrong people and paid the price. I was ready to marry a girl but I was also at a point in my life were I was getting tired of drugs. So I was giving up drugs and alcohol and she wasn’t. So it didn’t work out anymore.

I think it also comes with age. My kid sis has this thing about older men. I cringe. But then I stupidly introduced her to an 18 year old and he has been a little jerk to her at every turn. So maybe I should let her date the older men who seem to treat her better.

No, but when my girlfriend was 16 she went to live with a woman as a lesbian. I met her later in college where she was my girl “trying to be normal”.