Let down by care in the community

Have been unwell for the last 5 days. I phoned my community mental health team but no one was available.

So I phoned my gp and they said they won’t give any meds until the community mental health team gets involved.

Spoke to the community mental health team but they said no I have to speak to the doctor myself. They didn’t want to get involved.

No one wants to take responsibility.


A&E !!! Seriously it’s out of order!!! :fearful:

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I know right. The only way I will get care is by going to the a&e. How ridiculous is that?

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It’s friggin ridiculous !!! It gets me mad !!! When you can’t get to the support when you need it :frowning:️:rage::rage::rage: are you able to call 999? You’ve gone through the correct avenue so just call them !!!

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It’s also 17:00 they probably gone home … so you might as well go a and e.