Lessons you learn from your uncle

My mom thought it was time that I learn how to swim I was 5 years old so she sent me with my uncle to the public pool where there is no lifeguard just sign saying swim at your own risk thinking everything was okay I said to my uncle what you going to teach me first so he picks me up at throws me into the deepest part of the swimming pool not having any lessons at all I found myself underwater I’m having thoughts in my head like this is it I’m going to die best I can do is to struggle to the side and that is exactly what I did it took me about 5 to 10 minutes before I ever came back to the pool I’m about three hours before I ever come around my uncle he said the best way is just to learn lessons you get from your uncle


Ha Jesus , what a mean ■■■■■■■

great story, your uncle makes me look like a real caring uncle. the best gift i ever got my nephew was a nice brand new basketball. he loves basketball still.

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