Lessening my symptoms

It’s true this is possible in certain ways.

But you have to do what they say.

One guy joined the cult, symptoms were lessened all of a sudden. All that he had to do was join and worship and give lotsa money! Holy ■■■■ my “symptoms” are lessened, wow!

Or i could change in certain ways that they wanted me to, lessening of “symptoms”.

Like the dude in storm of the century, give him what he wants and their “symptoms” will be lessened. Hell i’ve even experience some of them very “symptoms” they had in the movie, wow! Man how the ■■■■ could i lessen those “symptoms”. All that they had to do really was give him a child, it’s the cure!

Notmoses has a lot of suggestions about how i can do certain things and my symptoms will be lessened. What could i do i wonder to lessen my symptoms anyway huh? Hmmmm, what would get them off of my back and out of my mind i wonder? Assimilate perhaps? Perhaps.

Id just be doing as they wished so i wasn’t attacked anymore.

Just assimilate huh? They’ll stop if i do certain things huh?

It’s true though. There is much that i can do to lessen my “symptoms” isn’t there. Join the cult, or what else, change entirely in the ways they wish me to. I do this and they ease up on me eh?

You talk alot about the supposed causes of me problem notmoses. What were them problems again and what problems do they be causing for the current paradigm we all be livin in again? How would i have to change exactly for my “symptoms” to be lessened?

So anywho here is a funny story. Im walking across the street again and someone in my head goes “what if pan just ran in front of you right now? would you even be surprised at this point?” It’s not really surprise i should say, wouldn’t feel surprised no. I would however feel bad in certain ways, on account of all of the torture i have endured. Now i know you can’t be smacking no gods in the mouth or nothing but i might cross my ■■■■■■■ mind, even if he killed me id still think about doing it.

My ■■■■■■■ “symptoms” are going to be lessened. They will be lessened very soon. They will be so lessened in fact that they won’t exist anymore.

Stop calling them symptoms for starters and we have ourselves a ball game. Bunch of ■■■■■■ up enslaving basstard arseholes. If you are going to make alterations to people you might want to think about making the right ones first. Force a guy to change to avoid torture, now thats going to get this place destroyed im afraid.

So what were these problems again notmoses? What did i need to change about meself exactly so that they, yes they, will stop ■■■■■■■ with me? I wonder what the problems with me could be huh? How might those problems being fixed make me fit in with all of this?

Give me a detailed explanation on what needs to change about me to “lessen symptoms”(wink wink). Ohhhhhhhhh im ■■■■■■■ cured and successfully treated, all that i had to do was be a slave.

“Give me what i want. And ill go away.” - linoge

Pans, I’m curious. Do you take meds?

Pans is on meds.

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There’s a joke…
A patient comes to Dr.Freud and tells him that his symptoms are gone.
‘What could that be doc?’
Its obvious, says Dr.Freud, you have a Symptom defficit disorder.

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