Less zzzleep on latuda

I was on olanzapine and changed medication to latuda.

My sleep has definately changed.

I do not sleep as much.
Wake up early mornings and don’t think it’s as easy to fall asleep for me and I do miss the good sleep on olanzapine but do not see myself going back on it though.not this point in time.
Latuda seems to have side effects on me that I’ve definately noticed not just sleep but others also.

How is your sleep on latuda?

Do you sleep less hours?

This said im grateful for my sleep.

Plus I have sleep tablets if needed.

Some people have horrid difficulties with sleep.
I wish them good sleep too.

I seem more tense, touch “speeded” etc on latuda.

But no huge dramas n good n feelin positive otherwise .

Someone who takes latuda help a friend out???

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I sleep about 9 hours and fall asleep right away