Less self assured

I’ve always been anxious about doing some things in case things went wrong but nowadays I feel unconfident about things I previously managed ok.
For example setting up a new computer. I’ve always managed that with a bit of difficulty sometimes but now I keep putting off buying a new desktop computer as I don’t have the confidence to set it up.
l had debated sending my computer off to be cleaned but thought better of it because if things were unplugged I wouldn’t be sure I could plug them all in again correctly.

That is just a few examples Maybe it’s a factor of getting older that you lose confidence or maybe it’s that the anxiety has got much worse. I’m reluctant though to see it as a sign of poorer functioning.

It’s probably a sign that I’m pathetic and stupid.


You’re neither of those things. Just relax and the right answer will come to you, take a picture on how the cables are plugged, so you’ll remember where to plug them again.

I’m in the exact same situation with regards to buying a laptop. I’m afraid I’ll be overwhelmed by windows 10. My laptop is 11 years old, and runs xp. I don’t have a clue about vista,windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10. The keyboard on my laptop isn’t working properly. Previously I was able to replace it. Now I think I’ll just buy and external keyboard. But in truth I have no need of a laptop at all anymore.

I can’t even describe the swell of affection that rose up in me reading this. About every other week it seems like I’m getting a voicemail from my stepdad gruffly saying, “[Rhubot], there’s a big problem, call as soon as you can.” And I call to find out that the laptop is no longer connected to the printer, or he has files he needs transferred.

My stepdad is brilliant. He’s probably the smartest person I know. I used to just hit him with topics to see what he’d say: modern non-Western philosophy! French heresies! He had three careers, Army, econ professor, highly placed business professional. He used to connect to printers and transfer files all the time.

But that tech changes fast. And small errors can lead to huge problems. You can lose data, fry a machine. OS changes are fast and radical. Not having the confidence to fool around with it is probably more indicative of wisdom than anything, especially if you don’t do it regularly. It hardly means you (or he) is dumb.

So I connect the printer and transfer the files. And he cuts down the tilting tree in my yard and tells me about the Albigensians. And he’s still the smartest person I know.

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My problem is that my desktop computer has started shutting down after a couple of minutes suggesting overheating. An online search brings up lot of stuff about taking the casing off and cleaning the parts which I don’t feel up to even attempting. Ideally I’d like to do without a desktop computer but I rely on the router connected to it to connect to the internet on the laptop.
The only other way I know to connect to the internet via a laptop is using a dongle with very limited GB usage.