Length of topic titles

Sometimes it is hard to lengthen topic titles to the required 15 characters. This means either abandoning a post or adding superfluous content to the title.
Ie Am paranoid wouldn’t get through but Am paranoid jqw would get through.
I know of no other forum software that has such restrictions. Is there a way of reducing the required length ie to 8 or 10.

I think the intent is to get people to provide more descriptive titles to their posts so that people have a better idea of what the posting is about and are more likely to click on it to find out more.

I went back to the old forums to see how frequently you used shorter titles - and its not very frequent and generally i think it might be more helpful for people to have longer and more descriptive titles posts. Here is a screen shot of some of the postings in the news category - what do you think?


Those in the news section,which i guess i mostly post to, have had long titles. Not sure about my posts elsewhere.

Here is an image of the current list of postings on the old diagnosed board - do you think that the longer descriptions are more helpful than the short one word postings?


I think very short titles are less descriptive but maybe 15 characters is a little too much?

I think longer titles are more interesting. It’s an attention getter and I’m more likely to respond to some of the longer titles then just


I understand the point of shorter titles, but it’s nice having the ability to add a little spice to the writing. It’s sort of how a head line in a paper grabs attention. Please consider allowing longer titles.

Longer titles are allowed but titles having to be 15 characters or other is i believe too restrictive. 10-12 character starting point would i think be better.

ok - I’ll make it 11 characters.

sounds good to me, let it flow