Lending Credibility to the Potato Theory

A repost, in regards to potatoes being a cause or factor of schizophrenia:

Yet again, I was 100% symptom-free until I ate a few handfuls of potato chips. I forgot that they were made of potatoes until I saw one on the bag, which led to a Dr. House epiphany type moment for me lol. So I’m officially on a no-potato diet.

I really believe in this theory, and I’m convinced that it is NOT just placebo. My symptoms always spike before I remember this thread or that potatoes could be bad, which leads to me posting, but not after. Definitely not placebo.

Careful @Lexicon Potato deficiency can be dangerous. Maybe you should not cut them out of your diet completely. It might be better to just eat them only on Sundays.

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Is there a joke here? I’m missing the references if so.

Is it an Irish thing?

Ha. It’s a bad joke that doesn’t make sense by this tired, stressed, hungry schizophrenic in California at !2:00 am. Disregard both of my answers, lol.

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lol okay, I’m still kinda curious though.

Clarification: I am NOT saying that potatoes are the cause. I am saying that consuming potatoes has noticeably worsened my symptoms on multiple occasions.

If you’re inclined to make a mockery of this theory, take a second to ask yourselves why that might be.

I disagree with this theory, but I will say that the main thing about potatoes, besides all the starch they contain, is that they are loaded with potassium. Potassium is a major player in the nervous system, necessary for the brain and nerves to function, so … I’m not sure where I was going with that, just felt like chiming in (I’m bored and it’s too cold to go anywhere). :slight_smile:

If avoiding potatoes seems to help you, then stick with it. Even if it is just a placebo, it works.

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