Legs in the bathtub?

This is my earliest hallucination that I can remember. Maybe 7 or 8. But like 80% of the time there’s just a pair of flailing legs in the bathtub. So it freaks me out to even take a shower when they’re in there.


would freak me out too!

Always. Even though I know it’s not real. To hear and see legs is always disturbing.

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Who owns the legs, and why are they flailing?

No one that I know of. Just a pair of female legs. Kicking endlessly.

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Have they changed in appearance over timr?

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Most of the day we do not watch our legs all that much but when you’re in the bath tub you can see your own legs.

A psychologist called Phillipe Rochat theorises that (1) our first person body views are the first things that infants see, and and think of as themselves. For instance young infants, and autistics, like to wave their hands in front of their eyes.

When children are later told that (2) their mirror images is themselves, or that they are “timothy” they do not just jettison their first person body views, but believe that (1) views (2). Gradually we believe ourselves to be (2). In other words, our arms, our legs, are, according to Philippe Rochat, someone else, someone hidden.

Rochat, P. (2009). Others in mind: Social origins of self-consciousness. Cambridge University Press.

oh, i thought they were crispy chicken legs flailing in the water which would be quite horrific for me to see because i really like cooked chicken drumsticks.

regardless, meds would definitely help me