Legal Drug Addict

Some drugs are uppers
Some drugs are downers
All prescribed by doctors
All perfectly legal
I can’t quit them
Because if I do
Things will be worse than before
So staying stable
Means a dozen prescriptions or more
I’m a legal drug addict
Because years ago I had to admit I was sick
I couldn’t function in society
With full blown psychosis
And major anxiety
So I took some drugs
For a while it was a small amount
And there was no doubt
I was uncomfortably psychotic
But I could work
And sorta function
So then I decided to go for the end game
End the voices and be sane
And ended up in the Psych Ward
Many drugs were added to the load
And the goal turned from achieving
To just staying stable
I would like to quit a drug or two
But can’t figure out what I can do without
I fear running out
Because the withdrawal is Hell
I don’t smoke
I don’t drink
I don’t do street drugs
But I’m a druggie just the same
I weigh 350 pounds
And have diabetes now
And society says it’s a shame
And then moves on to the next tragedy


That pretty much sums it up for me right now.

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I can definitely relate. .

Nice poem :clap:

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