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Something has been burdening me. In 2011, I was working for Thomson Reuters in NYC. I was put under high pressure. All nighters, tight deadlines, responsibilities in corporate strategy I wasn’t ready for and they also wanted me to be open about being gay. In just over 2 months I went from perfectly functioning to psychotic and a hospitalization in Bellevue Hospital was necessary. This experience changed my trajectory and I’m likely on disability for life. I always wondered if I wasn’t pressured that way that I would have had a totally different life. Even after all these years I don’t have peace of mind. I wonder if I need to sue them to make a case that pressuring young staff can lead to psychosis. It’s about fundamental rights. What should I do?

You should accept that you have an illness and stop trying to blame/sue other people.

Work is hard.

If you weren’t able to handle it,

That’s not their fault.


If you can prove they did anything to you that was abusive you might have a case, but that would be hard to prove because you can bet they would have some high powered lawyers working against your case.

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I don’t think mentally ill people can really win in court, the other party can just use your mental illness against you.

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