Left to my own devices

My mom left with my little brother and dog to god know where. Im staying at a freind of the families for a few weeks till i can go on a native american run called Thr Peace and Dignity run. I’ll be running from Oregon to San Diego so that will keep me busy for a while.

But for now they left me a few hundred bucks and full tank of gas. So im going to do the only thing i know i can do well

run my ass off


Wow! Beautiful photos!

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If you look closely, you can see the beach that i ran from in the first picture.

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Awesome pictures!

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I don’t run well. I have not the breath for it. Maybe my breathing would have been addressed in my childhood if my parents’ drinking wasn’t so center stage.


Sorry to hear that. My parent drank and smoked around me alot too. What alot of people don’t expect is that i have asthma. If i dont run for a month or so and then run, even just 2 or so miles, i get real wheezy, and it takes a loooong time to build myself up again.

I’m sorry your mom ditched you. How are you holding up? Hope you’re okay.

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Meh. I’m very meh. I’m having fun with the opportunity i have, but i have waaaay to much time on my hands. So its very easy to feel lonely. So I have been exercising and running away from my feeling all day… I do love running and am greatful for the time to explore trails on my own time though.

As for the mom thing, trust me when i say, i can relax a bit easier this way. I wish i was aloud to keep the dog though, but the place i am staying wont alow it.

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Alright. You can go back to school now, right? Find a job or something?

A “native american” run?

What native american “runs” with a full tank of gas?

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Not yet. I have a few weeks and then im doing a very important (at least to me) Native American run and it hoing to take some time. After that i dont know where my life leads, but right now that run is my priority. It only happens every 4 years so it’s important i dont miss this. I’m basically running the hight of the united states

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I drive to trails and paths for now for training. Will ditch the car when the real run starts.

Oh that’s cool :smile: Good luck!

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And possably Mexico too

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Like a “vision quest”? Im native also so I kinda know what you are talking about…well ROCK ON man .

I know that you can do it man.

No not really. More just for respect and unity and stuff like that. Look it up. Peace and Dignity Run. Its not hard to find.

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So you are doing this for a rite of passage?

im too lazy to “look it up”

why dont you just tell me about it?

Well at least you have a full tank of gas…thats somethin…that aint nothin.

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No not a right of passage. It’s about America and culture as a hole. It’s not personal thing as much as it is about the big picture. It was based off an old story/proficy if the uniting if the condor and the eagle. Eagle being North America, Condor being south. So every four years both run the distance of there continent twords each other and meet in mexico in respect for that years theme. Last time was water. This time seeds both literal and metaphorical.

Dude ,thats cool i can fully get with that.

Can I be part?

where do i sign up?

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