Left or right brained?

Literally split down the middle. I can study the differential equations of calculus and read and write interpretations of Hamlet then draw my interpretation in the same day. I am quiet the nerd.

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Ok I took it, got 56% Left Brain 44% right brain, Analytic Brain :smiley:

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Right-brained: 54% / 46%. Almost balanced but not quite :smile:

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So was mine! Imagine that!

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Cool :smile: good morning orange!

53% Left brain and 47% right brain. I’m answering balanced, because I don’t believe that test is accurate down to 3%.

56% left brained

its nearly 50/50 but not quite :slight_smile:

thats 3 of us with this calculation lol

60 percent right brain (Imagination)

40 percent left brain

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