LeBron James is the greatest athlete I’ve ever watched

It’s a privilege to watch this guy. At first I loved him when he came into the league, then I disliked him, liked him again, and back and forth a few more times.

As I get older, and LeBron continues to impress I realize how it is a privilege to watch such greatness. Who is better than LeBron? Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth? I don’t know I think he’s the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen!! And he does it with class too imo especially a kid from Akron Ohio who didn’t go to college. Almost beat the warriors last night with 50+ points. Guy is crazy good.


He is basketball legend. . Haha


I just watched the game from last night. It really is hard for me to pay attention though. He doesn’t force any shots seems to be in perfect flow of the game. I didn’t think he was scoring a ton of points and then they showed a stat on TV where he has 50 points.


Ultimately James is just an entertainer, no more and no less.

I liked Kobe he could shoot amazing. I seen Kobe hit a couple left handed 3s


I liked Kobe a lot too

Basketball = Michael Jordan → Shaquille O’Neil → Kobe Bryant - Lebron James
Hockey = Wayne Gretzky → Mario Lemieux → Sydney Crosby → Alexander Ovechkin - Connor McDavid

I don’t think there is a “greatest professionals sports athlete” that has ever been seen but more of a elite professional sports athlete of a certain generation for a particular sport. Those athletes will be judged by their achievements. Lebron James with 8 straight NBA Finals appearances compared to Michael Jordan’s 6 Championship rings. Usain Bolt, the fastest 100m sprinter in our generation. Roger Federer, the oldest #1 seed who has the most Grand Slam Tennis wins… etc…

Also Lebron is averaging close to a triple double this playoffs in his 15th season is unreal.

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Lebron is Amazing! I would like to see him get more rings. But I’m torn between my favorite team Warriors. Who ever wins the championship I will be happy either Lebron or Warriors.

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I don’t follow basketball but I remember when Lebron first got into the league. I don’t have the best memory but I seem to remember he got off to a shaky start his rookie season and didn’t meet expectations. I may be wrong. But of course he ironed out his problems
to become one of the greatest.

But my vote for greatest athlete of the century has to go to Muhammad Ali, three time boxing heavyweight champion of the world in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. In his sport, there was no one like him before him or after him. He was truly unique and transcended boxing to become a cultural icon who was prominent in the civil rights movement. In his prime he was the most recognized person on the planet. And he was just such a good boxer and critics didn’t like his bragging but he backed up what he said. He may not have been the hardest puncher but he was the best boxer and had the greatest speed.

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