Leaving to go skiing today!

I’m leaving to go skiing soon! I’m so excited becuase I love skiing but I only get to do this once a year with some members from my church and my family. Oh and did I mention I’m excited! I’ll be gone all weekend just a heads up.


Congrats and have fun, don’t be like me, first time I went down a slope I went past the chalet and out into the parking lot, could not stop LOL


I was going to be an astronaut till I broke my knee skiing. Anyways hope you have a wonderful time.


I read a poem about a man who lost all while skiing…
trigger warning: blood


Life and death in Jackson Hole

oldest brother, who was the first
changed life forever, best friend, mentor
artist philosopher, till moved out west
was soon to follow,the west is the best

wanted to hike, worked instead
so solo he went, as leaving was said
going high, far as snow allows
June in mountains, snow still abounds

not returning, had my concerns
next morning, rangers of it learned
searched, but was not seen
that night, having strange dream
then telling rangers, what I’d seen

found his body, where dreamed
spring sluff snow slide, he did ride
over a cliff, and to his demise

was fathers day, when I made the call
telling, how brother, had taken a fall
while hearing, mother’s anguished howl
year and a half later, grief I’m sure
was cancer inside, and she was no more

now about my good friend Pierre
we would ski every day , 120 a year
he had been away, almost a month
snowed for ten days, we got a bunch
was so very deep,looked to be, twelve feet

big mountain closed, work needing done
friends of mine there, were throwing bombs
knocking down, massive snows
calling it, avalanche control
Snowking calling, snow still falling

Twas called the kiddie hill
where in Jackson, skiing learned
kiddie, not what came to mind
steep, through trees it did wined

so up the lift, all of us rode
deciding to ski, the unpatrolled
out of bound skiing, we did all the time
the back country, could be so sublime

took turns leading, kick stepping our way
the cornice was huge, scary big wave
something felt wrong, so we said
another day, we’d do it instead
Pierre our warning, he did not heed
his absence, was creating his need

he took the plunge, to our surprise
jumping in, for a great ride
smiles from all, till we heard that crack
fractured cornice, came tumbling back

it swept him away, thru the trees
soon as it was over, we hurriedly skied
to the place, Pierre was last seen

blood, made easy finding
all seeing, upon arriving
his leg, taken by the trees
somehow, conscious and alive
seeing the fright, in our eyes
knowing, he would not survive

all we could do, was say our goodbyes
soon the light, had gone from his eyes
face flushed, white as the unstained snow
sat there sobbing, two had to go
for help, that was far below

brought up sled, that took Pierre down
were he was put, under the ground
on that mountain, where he died
where his stone, still resides

gathered there often, speaking his name
telling how he lived, his glories
the stories, our hearts keep him alive

older now, on snow, no longer play
having since, moved far away
making life less worth living, sorry to say

music and comedy, all that’s left
music my soul , comedy my high,
laughter I made on stage, wow

when I am no longer, here on this earth
wish for me, friends gathering around
telling stories, my glories, smiling as they say
Scott lived his life, best he could
we loved him, just as we should[/spoiler]

have a fun time!

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@Mountainman Don’t worry my Dad taught me and this will be my fourth year going!

@SP2342 Well it’s a good thing that your knee is better. At least I think it is and I will absolutely have a wonderful time.

@sirBoring Well I certainly hope that doesn’t happen to me but the possibiltiy of it happening isn’t going to stop me from skiing I like to ski too much,

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I was joking about the astronaut thing but I really did mess up my knee skiing once.

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Are you excited about it or something, lol?
Sounds like it will be a great experience for you. Have fun.

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