Leaving this forum

It’s sad your leaving but I will let you know your definitely gonna be welcome back with open arms @sweetpotatopie

I will miss you @sweetpotatopie You have such a great sense of humor, despite all of your health struggles. Take care of yourself.

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((( Wish you well ))) you will be missed.


You’ve always got something positive and meaningful to cheer me up with, and for that I’m upset. But you’ll be with me in my thoughts, I wish you good. Thank you for making me feel worthy and important for the times I’ve been down


Love and best wishes to you.:pray:t4::two_hearts:

Hope you will have a quality and happy life despite all the challenges.

Take care of yourself @sweetpotatopie

Know you are loved.

I will miss you. You’re a kind and warm person and will miss all the joy you’ve given people on this site.

Hope to see you return.

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