Leaving this forum

Hey guys. I’ve got a lot going on. I’m needing to leave the forum for a very long time. It’s not bad. I’m not dying. I’ve been diagnosed with a neurological order that is causing me to lose sight from the two strokes I had along with other issues. My severe vitamin and nutrient deficiency is triggering very poor health. I’ve been doing rehabilitation but my eyes are worsening. I’m struggling to come to grips. It’s been real gradual but since the last stroke I’ve worsened. Neurology is concerned about it being worse overtime with worse strokes. I’m driving on occasion during the day, but cannot see at night. I cannot read books and watch tv. I’ve lost all my fine arts and crafts. My hands shake and my left is deformed so I’m clumsy.

My psych meds are great. Mentally I’m calm about this. I attempted suicide after my last stroke and am now better. I didn’t want to share this at the time. I struggled with acceptance of what I’m going through. It’s just too hard to read forums and write from a practical standpoint. I thank you for all past support. I’ll miss you but I can’t be helped here. Thanks. Some members here know me elsewhere so if something goes wrong they will update others. Okay, thank you and bye. Hugs.


Have a good life. Take care were going to miss you. Hugs. Rox


Two strokes? Having one is enough. Yikes.

I’m sorry you are having all this on your plate.

I hope you get better!

Good luck with everything!

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well this is very sad to me…I’m so sorry you are doing so poorly. I love you. Please take care of yourself…

Man idk what to say. This is a lot to have to accept 4 one. I hope there’s a miracle and things halt in terms of degenerative processes.

I believe in after life you’ll be in a good place

But I hope u live a long life that’s bearable somehow. It would be nice to be able to spend quality time with hubby and watch the kids grow up :))

Sorry to see you go.

Wish you all the best for the future

Take care @sweetpotatopie

Nothing I can say can adequately sum up how great it’s been to know you through this forum. I wish you the best possible future.

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Good luck @sweetpotatopie .

Best wishes and hopes your eyesight and health improves.

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Good luck @sweetpotatopie

Best wishes @sweetpotatopie

Wishing you the best with everything!

We will miss you!


Best wishes @sweetpotatopie. I really hope you can recover from all this.

Best wishes to you @sweetpotatopie

Take care of yourself

Take care @sweetpotatopie . We’ll miss you.

I hope things get better for you @sweetpotatopie .

Best wishes with everything @sweetpotatopie— your humor and insight will be missed here :purple_heart:

sorry to hear about health issues you are having

take care

Good luck … Take care of yourself.

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