Leaving and never coming back

Upstairs people are now bringing people over to harass me.

I’m probably going to go live in the woods.

I remember when the upstairs people would invite friends over and deliberately block my car. They did it on purpose so I couldn’t leave. I’d just go somewhere outside til they left.

Faulty thinking. Not a good idea at this time of year…


I guess ill be alright. Somewhere else might worse

@roxanna - I’m concerned about you. It’s winter. :worried: Please stay in your apartment. You will be safer inside.


It’s not food get better like everyone says. I can’t stand it all.

Going to get better. Jeez

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@roxanna Please get help.
You really need to be in the Hospital.
The woods especially during the Winter is no place for you to live.


People won’t leave me alone.

Justjust called a lesbians. Been called as hoe all day long. Idk what is going on.

Wow, what terrible people, do not go to the woods, it’s cold and you do not deserve to be sick and homeless because of a few idiots

Just ignore it as hard as it seems, they get bored and don’t bother. Just take the wind out of their sails, rise above it. It says more about them than it does about you

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This happened to me, people were calling me a man, a hoe, slag, lesbian. And none of these things were true, to begin with I used to argue back in my mind, and it gives them fuel, gets the reaction they want. Don’t react, and they have nothing to go on! Swear by this. Love x


Heard them fiddling with the plumbing a few mins ago. Wonder what that was about. My phone bug per AZ cell is sleep or going😆out

I know the govt spies on me autocorrect!

Just got yelled at through the wall and ceiling. I have to leave for the woods soon.

Don’t leave for the woods. Just don’t. It’s the middle of winter, book yourself into a hotel if you must. But be safe.


Please stay inside @roxanna. I’m sorry it’s all so difficult, but your safer inside. Please stay safe.


Don’t live in the woods.

“Hoe” is just a single sound (a phoneme.) The neighbours could have been talking about anything while making that noise. Try not to take it too personally. They really don’t know you.

If we lived nearby I’d let you retreat to my place until it’s all over!!! :slight_smile: just go to a hotel if you can but the woods is too cold for that, stay safe :heart:

I can’t live in peace in my own apartment . Why stay?