Leave a like if you have ever breathed air... leave a comment if you havent

lol that’s the most meta topic I could think of… the next level of click bait… its like… bait…lol … also the admins have their own bathroom that us regular users are forbidden to use… I heard it has a kitten petting zoo in the lobby…


i don’t breathe air. I am air.


I have breathed air. No footage of the Prefects’ Bathroom has ever been seen by the general public.


I like how you clarified that you have indeed breathed air before basically admitting to the kitten petting zoo… I have also breathed air… but I cant like my own comment I will like all below comments to make up for it lol…


Oh that’s what been keeping me alive??

I though I was an amoeba the whole time :upside_down:


Breathing air is overrated.

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… you know I was just waking up to myself thinking about how having schizophrenia is basically being undead… the dissociation from life and the exposure to each of our own alternate realities…

Like undead minds forged from hell fire… coming back together to be some weirdly normal individuals.

I’d like to think I haven’t breathed yet, just so I can think I’ve got something new to look forward too.

and thanks to @enihrehtfoemalf for starting this thread.


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