Learning to deal with something new

I’m 17 year old male and I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in spring of 2015. I constantly hallucinate and have pretty intricate delusions. The voices don’t seem to come one as strong as the visual hallucinations. I have talked to many great people that have helped me get through these past months and they all help me ground myself to somewhat of a normal life. There are times when I have manic episodes and sometimes even seizures. One of the symptoms of my illness is that I constantly move, whether that be rocking back and forth or just walking all day. I’d like to hear some things that you did when you first were diagnosed and what you do today to have a reality that is close to something normal. I am currently playing around with meds so they don’t seem to help much right now, but in the future they will work hopefully.

Hey and welcome. It’s still pretty early, I just got stable a few months ago and I, on the other hand went to deep depression after my psychotic break. I only had one, a lot of people here had several.

I’m sorry you are having such a rough time, stick to your meds and take them religiously and you’ll get better. Sometimes it takes a few meds switch to land on the right one.

Well, as for things to do to resemble normalcy, I went back to college. I go out a lot now, I stay sober (I have a history of drug and alcohol addiction), I try and build friendships. I come here to ground myself everyday.

This is a great community, I think you’ll like the support here.


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Welcome Kaleb

I’m not sure i can help but i was 17 @ diagnosis. I heard a lot of voices in the early days. more than now. I guess the good thing about begin 41 is that you don’t have to worry about some kind of failure or success you just are. I’ve reached over 40 and it’s not so much of a big deal any more all that sort of stuff. I’m married. Am i successful? I write and it goes okay. It isn’t work it’s voluntary.

Stress affects me so i avoid it. That was the whole story. When i tried to do things with my life i couldn’t … so sorry to be depressing but if i could have figured that out before age 30 i would have had a much more fun life
you can work, you can breed, or you can play…

If we could all just chose play instead of trying to prove our work ethic. i don’t know if this helps… feel like it probably doesn’t

you have to be consistent with meds
chose one and stick to it for a good long while

Don t forget.just use your drugs with minimum amount.because you are too young.you have live your life freelly.at least you have to make sex and live all enjoyfull things before drugs keep taking you from.i m little bit lucky because ı started to drugs at 31 years old.but im still missing my enjoyful sex life.