Learning to cope with work stress

I feel I have really made good progress in learning how to overcome my stressful work. This is what I have learned helps me.

  1. Have routines, and make sure they are relaxing. I have the same little routine I do every morning before work. I get up a little bit earlier than I actually have to so that I don’t have to rush myself to get ready. I can take my time, enjoy my breakfast, watch videos on the internet.

  2. Make quiet time for yourself. Every day before going into work I take a 20 minute nap in my car. It is my time of peace before the storm for me to gather myself up and prepare for what’s ahead. Take your bathroom breaks when you need them. Take your meal breaks. I even use my time pulling meds as some quiet time for myself to decompress.

  3. Have mantras. I have a little mantra I say as I do my morning routine. As I move through the various parts I say “no one can ask anything of me right now” and just that statement gives me so much relief and peace. I also like to tell myself “Not everyday will be a bad day”. I think in the beginning of my job I had constant anxiety that each day would be as horrible if not more horrible than the last. It helped me to realize that some days will be more stressful than others.

  4. Share what you’re going through at work with others who understand. This means coworkers! My therapist was the one who encouraged me to reach out to my coworkers and it has helped me tremendously. Not only do I get more support by voicing my struggles but I have found that many others are thinking and feeling the same way as me, incredibly overwhelmed and having trouble practicing self care, and it made me feel less alone and took away that feeling like I was just incapable.

Those are the biggest things that helped me. What helped you guys when work stress got bad, for those that work?

summary: Give yourself enough time in the morning to not have to rush and be stressed before your shift even starts, take your breaks and don’t be afraid of taking a couple minutes to walk away and just breathe if things get too intense, have positive uplifting statements that have meaning to you that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day, confide in your coworkers and support one another or at least find someone who works in the same career as you to vent to. What helps you guys that work with stressful jobs?


Thank you for sharing with us.

Well done!:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

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