Learning is sacred

I miss my desire to learn.


Where did it go?

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perhaps your recognition is a lesson in itself :slight_smile:

I think I learned and lived things that weren’t true and lost my respect for teachers.

I used to stidy civil engineering. My brain isn’t good for that now.

Hey @chordy, can you elaborate on that?

I might have similar feelings.

I feel your pain…

One thing I know is that I was hurt by a lack of sex education. My parents couldn’t talk about it and by the time it was really important, I didn’t believe anyone anyway and had drawn my own negative conclusions. I was also hurt by a lack of willingness for my parents to discuss money.

Something similar has happened to me. When I was a kid, I learned through other kids my age who had an older brother or sister who told them that sex is the way babies are made. I went to my parents and asked them if that was true. They acted nervous and said they couldn’t discuss it. I already thought sex was disgusting and people shouldn’t be having it by then, so my parents’ reaction confirmed it.

I had to learn myself over the years that sex is not a bad thing. It can be really, really good.

Is that what you meant by your statement above?

Yes, that is very much it although I never did learn that sex is a good thing and I’m too old for it now. So. I’m planning for it for my next life.

…as long as your still breathing, it’s never to late to enjoy life, even with sex, although, if your not breathing, they might confuse you with being English.

(Don’t hate, it’s just an old joke)

No, I have definitely accepted the rigors of sex as beyond me. I think it’s for babies anyway.

Definately NOT for babies, unless you cnsider babies from 18-?..65 years old.

Wow, that might depend on who your having sex with.

I’m beyond temptation. Hey, are you forgetting I’m 72 years old?

I’m English and your comment/joke offends me.

Americans are always pissing on other nationalities, I see it a lot here on this forum. And nothing is done about it.

If anyone criticises America all hell breaks loose.

I was banned recently for a week, basically because I gave a little criticism to the USA.

If I posted : “America is sh!t, and Americans are sh!t… (just kidding!)”

I don’t think it would go down very well (I’ve seen similar comments from Americans towards other nationalities here on this forum.)

Double standards anyone?

You’re not the only people who are proud of where they live - most people are. When you criticise a nationality, you insult the people from that country.

Show a little respect huh?

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Oh give it a rest, I said it was from an old joke. Seems everyone is just a tad to sensitive these days to anything that implies they’re different.

I’m part English (1/8), and I’ve been to England a few times, and probably not surprisingly, that’s where I heard that joke, so, blame your own country if you take offense, because I didn’t create that joke, I just repeated a part of it.

72 is the ‘new’ 52.
Get out there and learn something about your own body that just may surprise you-in a wonderful way. Think of it this way, at least you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant…

Lol so its racist…I’m gonna proclaim this thread racist lol

My mom is a little older than you, she’s 74, and is being chased by a 74 year old guy.

Never say never?