Learning how to let friends go

I need help learning how to let friends who don’t want to talk to you anymore go. I have these friends who used to be my best friends and stuff but I ended up going psychosis and now they avoid my phone calls and stuff

You’ve gotta recognize that they were not real friends in the first place.

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I know what you mean. :frowning:
I have “friends” like this too. It is really hard and degrading almost. However, there are people out there who want to be your friend despite psychosis. I have new friends now who knew me after I went psychosis and are still my friends even though all crap I’ve done during episodes.

Those people are there. I know it is hard to do but forget those friends. They don’t deserve you. If other people don’t want to up keep the friendship, they aren’t worth being your friends. One of my true friends told me this when I was talking about a “friend” that was avoiding me. I wish you luck.

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Friends come and go in life. The only true friend I have is my stepfather. I’m 74. I’ve had a lot of friends. Friends come and go. It’s not just that you suddenly became psychotic. That’s just one thing. You make a lot of new friends AFTER you become psychotic, many more friends then than you have ever had before you became psychotic. These friends come and go too. The only true friend I have is my stepfather. I’ve known him since I was a kid. He is providing a roof over my head and monthly money, BUT he is first and foremost a friend. A TRUE friend!

I’m the opposite I have to let down my walls and let people IN!
I don’t trust well I guess it’s nice that you are a loyal friend tho.
Maybe see that as a nice part of yourself.