Learning how to draw for sz. Do you want to learn or share

We are all artists here in my family. My kids are artists and musicians. There dad is an artist. I recommend a sketch book or some white plain paper if your on a budget or feel more comfortable with white plain paper, even note cards, try anything that is white and plain. Get a pencil #2 or a pen. Make sure it is always sharpen and plenty of ink. Real drawing is finding something in nature to draw. You can sit wherever and look for a tree or flowers anything that is still even mountains and hills. Make sure there is good lighting early morning when the sunrises, anytime where there is light is fine too. It must come from the sun. My room is in the side of the house with a small rectangular shape door that has glass so I can see outside. There is a beautiful tree. I started to paint what I see. A basic drawing book is good, drawing apps. Don’t be hard on yourself just draw. Draw exactly what you see. Practice will make you better. Lots of sharpened pencils and the nicer the paper the more inspired you will be. I have done this. I have taken a leaf and drew the leaf inside the house sitting or just lying down. I have sz so I do the best I can but I get results and so can you… share your drawing and ideas here.


I started to draw not paint what I see but there are painters in my family

I like to draw too! It is a good release of energy for me. Most people first instinct is to internalize their thoughts and feeling self expression is important sometimes.

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I did this digital art after practicing drawing what I see I started looking at shapes, such as, circles, triangles, squares, and where they go. On paper as well as shadows and light. I know more about where images go on paper and I improved on my effects. I work with a lot of apps. I also like the paint brush with the apps.


I wish I could draw but I have the ability of about a 6 year old. My brother and sister are both good at drawing. My maternal grandfather who I never met was also a good artist. Going back nearly 200 years a couple of ancestors were flower painters on china.
My half aunt was also artistic. So definitely artistic genes in the family just not in me.

I heard there is an artist in everyone. Water color classes are easy, you can start drawing comics, dogs, cats with geometric shapes. Drawing for dummies would help

There is a book called drawing for dummies, in fact on various subjects such math for dummies, I really like them.