Learning from a cat I don't want kids

A cat I can manage. They get independent on their own more than they become rebellious I feel, like kids do in their teenage years. Don Juan feels like my baby :baby:. And it’s enough for me. Don’t get me wrong I can completely handle him and he loves me already and I love him. But I don’t think I would want any MORE. Maybe ONE day I will have ONE child. But that’s it and definitely not yet! So grateful for Don Juan. He’s teaching me a lot. I think I’m a good dad but the symptoms and anedonhia makes it hard to care for a real child I feel. At least for me. But I try real hard to play with him as much as I can because I feel responsible and im sure if I had any problems my parents would help me out a little. Don Juan will grow up well !


Hey jon why dont u get a dog named teacup yorkie…its small and handy…!!

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No dogs allowed in my apartment!!

I like kids and all but i prefer my lizard. He is a lot easier to take care of.


I’m laughing so much at your cats name, best name ever


It’s very good that you discovered that you can’t handle much responsibility now before you become a parent of a bunch of kids. Most people don’t do that. They just go ahead and have a bunch of kids and learn too late that they can’t handle it. Good for you!!

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I really LOVE your lizard. He’s so cute!!!

I think you are a great dad to Don Juan @Goyankees. You play with your kitten. Which is more than I do with my cat, Simba. Simba gets too aggressive when I play with him. And, I try to discourage that. I have to love my cat up a lot. That encourages docility.

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I’m learning from a kid I don’t want a cat.

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