Learning about stability in PHP

So in PHP I’ve had a lot of time to give thought to what it is that makes me unstable. I would say the main issue is that I have triggers for my psychosis and PTSD that I do not know how to manage emotionally. This leads me to spiral out of control and basically fall off a mental cliff unless I have another person to hang on to. When I learned that other people could save me from the spiral this made me dependent. I did not realize how truly dependent I was on others to keep me safe and connected to reality until a PHP workshop.

So I talked about in group what I could do to fix this and achieve stability and 1) I can get my psychotic symptoms stabilized on meds so those triggers won’t matter anymore and 2) for PTSD triggers that set off my depression or panic I have to learn how to remain calm and bring my attention away before spiraling. This week I hope to work on learning tools on how to do that.

Just felt like sharing my progress :slight_smile: I decided to do another week of this because I was finding it so helpful.


What does PHP mean?

partial hospitalization program


Yeah what turningthepage said. It’s an intensive therapy program that meets 6 hours a day 5 days a week. It’s for people who just got out of inpatient or those at risk for inpatient. You’re assigned a psychiatrist and therapist there. The pdoc you see once a week, the therapist you see every day pretty much. My PHP doesn’t have individual therapy sessions only group but I’m actually really liking group and find it very helpful. You have different meetings during the day and sometimes do mental health workshops sometimes just talk about issues you’re having and how to solve them and sometimes you just get to do relaxing things or play silly games to cheer up.

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Wow, that sounds really good, well done on getting into that.

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This is great Anna! I admire how proactive you are in your recovery, well done :relaxed: