Learned this

Just advancing in life or being successful will not end your problems. Having money or having a spouse or a job just brings a higher class of problems.


I would love to have those problems. I feel like less than because I dont have those things. I do plan on getting a part time job this summer but I always thought my life would be so much further a long by now. I look at what other people have and I feel like such a loser for not having any of those things.

I use to feel like that but don’t.

I read yesterday that Apple made the most profitable quarter ever and now they have a problem spending the money, go figure.

I think a job has many negatives. Problems with co-wokers, boss and less leisure time. But it takes away the feeling of being a loser. However, I wouldn’t choose to have these advantages and disadvantages that come up with a job, but I would choose to have a relationship, that would make me happier, even with the problems, because loneliness is very hard.

This is true, these bring a new set of challenges and problems and increased stress. But they also bring a new senses of reward and accomplishment if you are prepared to handle the increased complexity they bring to your life.

No pain, no gain. But you should only take as much pain as you can handle.

For me this means no family of my own, it just seems a bridge too far… I’m not sure I could handle it.