Learned helplessness?

How many of you think your life has been affected by a “learned helplessness” type of history? For those who don’t know what learned helplessness is, it is a situation where a being is subjected to very unpleasant stimuli with no way to stop it or get out of it, and the being just kind of despairs and quits trying to extricate itself from the unpleasant situation. They’ve performed experiments on dogs where they subjected them to shocks with no way to extricate themselves, and the animals just gave up and quit trying to escape the shocks. This theory applies to people too. If a person is subjected to very unpleasant or painful stimuli with no way to escape, the person quits trying to escape the stimuli. I sometimes wonder if the negative symptoms are connected in any way to learned helplessness.


i find it offensive that they experimented on the dogs !?! :dog:
poor animals :imp:
take care :alien:

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I was kinda left on my own when I fell ill, but because I have always experienced MI, I resorted to pushing through and finding my way through the storm as captain of my own ship. Self-will was the theme of my recovery. So sad. Learned-helplessness denotes a teacher to learn this from. I had no one to teach me, so I eluded that behavior.

I very much suffer from this. I have a very difficult time extracting myself from toxic situations even when the exit is obvious.

This is my next project with my therapist. I’ll share what she suggests.

Yeah I’ve pretty much given in to this sort of mentality. Interestingly I can remember having a very different mentality in my younger days…stubborn and wouldn’t give in to anything…well…unless it wanted to love me :sob:


I agree with darksith, there was no need to experiment on dogs like that.

For some learned helplessness is really tricky to get out of, in my depressed days I suffer a lot from it, in my not so depressed days I’m able to think more clearly, it’s a work in progress. I’m trying to get out of that.

I’ve done that big time. I stayed in this relationship with this girl for four years even though there wasn’t a minute I was with her that I wasn’t counting the seconds until I could get away. Her entire life was the ordinary business of life, which I find tedious. She rattled on and on about things I didn’t care about. She had no poetry in her soul. She was pretty, but God she bored me. The exit was not quite so obvious, though. She was a school teacher, and I was delivering pizza for a living. She took me at a time no one else would. The longer I stayed in the relationship the harder it was to break up. I hate myself for doing things like that.

Yes, most definitely. I found it very difficult to break away from this. I’ve had it from the moment I was abused as a child. I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to break away from relationships that were difficult or even abusive. When I finally tried to escape, others would force me to stay in the situation (CPS, courts, etc). This harmed me majorly. I still find it hard and I think it’s one of the things that caused my illness.

I think I self-sabotage a lot, which I don’t think is exactly the same thing, but might be somewhat related. I find it less painful to be a loser and accept it, than to get my hopes up and utterly fail. Opportunities terrify me.

As someone with a pacemaker, I’m grateful for animal experimentation. I kind of like being alive.


Lots of times, ignoring the bullying does get people to quit eventually especially if you just are not worth bothering with.

No response to social bullying by thought broadcasters, they stop eventually or you found something you will have to do something to completely avoid in future but well worth it.