Lazy Weekend Thread

Winter is sinking in here. not that cold yet, but the cold will arrive on Sunday night. so taking it easy this weekend, lots to do inside anyway and will take shots at cleaning and other stuff.

For the most part though LAZY :stuck_out_tongue:, have my nice little heater pointed at the couch and computer and it’s so cozy.


its cold and i am feeling lazy out here,!!!
life’s so miserable …!!!

winter can be harsh, have to work outside, it sucks!!!

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Joint weather :v:

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its a little chilly, its not suppose to snow until tomorrow then wednesday its suppose to snow again.

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all done loading, can relax now

Uhh…my weekends are everything but lazy. But at least I get to enjoy my laziness when everyone else work lol

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I have to run 10 miles this weekend… I think I’m gonna put it off until sunday though

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Never watch a paranoia movie on a lazy weekend, messed with my head, it was good but sent my mind off in the wrong direction for bedtime :sob:

Lovely lovely~

I’d kill for a lazy weekend right now. Sadly I have a 10 page and a 2 page paper to write…I slept in until 2 today and messed around until practically 4 so I only got about 2 pages done ;_; crap…

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