Lazy as livestock

A fart never hurt anybody, but a knife surely did.

Unless it was a sneaky “SBD” (silent but deadly) fart that causes people to pass out and hit their head and need stitches.

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I am a lazy person in real life but I am trying hard to be more hardworking and not look like lazy…sometimes I don’t look very smart though,I am like blur and dumb

I am very lazy recently. Don’t want to do nothing or go anywhere. Though i still get some stuff done but endlessly dragging myself. Tisk tisk tisk…

Made me think of the phrase “cut he cheese”
• Livestock - Produces cheese
• Fart - Is was happens when you “cut the cheese”
• Knife - Object used to cut cheese.

I have met alot of very active people, and all that they do is mess ■■■■ up, and then they call the ones doing nothing lazy even though the lazy ones cause less damage.

And they say the lazy are worthless, but all they really mean is they want them to be active so they can use them up and then chuck their bodies in the body garbage.

Some people have done almost nothing for anyone, although it has been some, but imagine that they have accomplished mountainous achievements and worked very very very very very very hard to do it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Myself, i’ve never been lazy, although it wasn’t always in the best of ways, i never really helped anyone but myself in my activity. Now though i do nothing, i don’t want to do anything, i don’t care if i do nothing, im not getting ■■■■■■■ murdered slowly and worry about being lazy, ■■■■ that!

Im sitting on here relating to people iv had a stack of dirty dishes for a few days someine come help me clean and il help you lol