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Laziness and indecision: a remedy for compulsive eating


So I started a diet a month or two back, and have been sticking to it. The only problem thus far, is that I miss a snack/meal here or there, to the point where I eat as little as half as what I’m supposed to, from sheer laziness of getting out of my rut long enough to grab a bit of food.

I don’t want to trigger my body’s starvation mode to where I find it even harder to lose weight, given my thyroid underactivity.

On the bright side, limiting what I was eating has taught me that I can find better things to do with my time than stuffing my face. So I’m raising my willpower (when it comes to food at least)


Way to go with your diet. I gained 15 lbs in the past month as part of my sympathetic pregnancy. I just love those milkshakes recently