Law School Ambition

There’s a local law school here that I might apply to. Yes, it’s loans, but I’m in the hole anyways, and I will likely never pay off 40 k so why not never be able to pay off 55 k and have a law degree that would let me fight for the rights of sz’s? Go big or go home, I always say! That way I can earn my JD degree and use it to advance the sz cause towards a fair, just, and equal treatment of sz’s. I want to use my time in law school to volunteer my new legal skills to the community and to sz’s nationwide.

My branch would be constitutional law as it applies to the civil rights of people. In particular, those of us with a hidden disability. I want to target the employers that have been unjustly firing us because they’re wimps who can’t handle the unknown.
I want to target the doctors and staff who sometimes make the hospital an unsafe environment for us who are nonviolent by granting too much leniency to violent patients and abusive staff.
I want to target the use of restraints on non-violent mental patients, as I find them to be barbaric, medieval things.

The only thing is, I need to raise 200 dollars for some e-package application thing through the Law school admissions council. I have all my letter recommendations submitted last year when I had wanted to but didn’t go through with the admissions process (I didn’t have 165 bucks and I still don’t).

I want to be like Elyn Saks, she’s my law idol.

Things I gotta do to apply:

  1. get 165 dollars
  2. get proof of being broke for LSAT exam fee waiver
    get LSAT exam fee waiver
    take LSAT exam
    preferably do well on LSAT exam
    Hit submit before deadline
    check the deadline (this should actually be #1)

Crowdfunding? 15151515


Good plan!

What is your undergrad degree?

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it’s in the humanities…kind of liberal artsy, but it’ll transfer over nicely to a degree in law, as I like to read and write.


You can do it @HQuinn! I believe in you and your abilities. :blush:

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Hopefully you can do it, If I could turn back time, I would probably got to law school

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that’s really sweet wanting to stand up for those with sz, best of luck to you

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Are there not alternate ways of fighting for the rights of SZs without becoming impoverished for life? Seems to me I’ve seen people get huge movements going through skillful manipulation of social media. No loans necessary. YOU have the right to a quality life, too. See to your own rights first.

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Yes, that’s what made me stop my application a couple years back.
I can apply to a different law school that is not private and get grants, scholarships, etc…but that would require travel and moving and ugh moving. Plus, USC is hard to get into.

It’s hard for someone who has been impoverished all their lives to be able to perceive a way to not be impoverished, it’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’ll work on this. Maybe I can find a decent paying job that allows me not to take out all kinds of loans. The good side about law school, financially, is that it prevents the loan collectors from trying to collect for those years I go back to get my JD, giving me time to find higher paying work and increasing my worth in the job market. Plus, I like the idea of suing employers for discriminating against us.

Then again, I hate loans and debt. I’ll try to problem solve this somehow. Thanks!

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Law school is going to cost a lot more than $15,000 but I wouldn’t mind going either. Have never taken the LSAT though.

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Thanks for sharing the details about law school admissions. I also have been doing the preparations for my LSAT that will be held in the next month. I had started the study two months ago and have solved possibly all of the sample questions that I found. I hope that will be able to crack it!


That’s great! good luck on your LSAT!!! With all that studying, I’m sure you’ll do great!

Hi I also want to go to law school.

Tips for last: Powerscore bible are a godsend. Also make sure you write as many practice tests as you can. And get the last 10 test in too (as the dynamic of one of the games has changed) as new way of solving a game needs to be learned.

At the end of the day I was averaging 160-165 on LSAT practice test and ended with a 160 on my first test.

I was unable to get into a Canadian law school. As my gpa was too low (due to Sz). But will be applying to Australian law schools. They are more lenient and want to make money off international students.

If I get it I got to figure is it worth it to go in 150k debt… also no guarantee my Sz will act up and mess me over.

I like the idea of going to one of the best schools in he word for law though. Both univ of Sydney and Melbourne are great schools and I believe I have a good shot of making it into both.

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