Laundry day at a psycho store

Well I have to be careful where I go lately, because some idiot keeps harassing me from another floor, If I stay too long. They have also food poisoned me, many times at a certain Laundromat/convenience store. They used to let me sleep in their parking lot, when psychos made me homeless, but recently called the police on me. Well, their stupid washer wouldn’t unlock, when it finished. I called for help. I wasn’t leaving my clothes, because of things, they’ve done there. They just ignored me. So then I yelled louder, and this stupid woman, who deliberately food poisoned an ice cream cone, the 2nd time I got one, said: “Are you yelling?”, (like I was insane, but it’s not insane to food poison an ice-cream cone). I said: “Yes, I’m yelling. (I really wasn’t). I want my clothes!” She said: “You are rude!” I said: “people who treat people, like they’re someone to abuse are rude! You know I can’t stay here too long, or you’ll have someone upstairs dripping crap on me!” She said: “Oh, yeah.” I said: “you know all the stuff you do. One day the food is edible, the next time, it’s not.” Then they had the police follow me, because they can’t stand the truth.

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