Laughing so much

Couldn’t stop laughing at work today. That’s a first in a long time.


Did your male supervisor have his fly open? :wink:

There was this one lady who told me to spell her name correctly in an email. Then she said she was very bustly (not a spelling mistake on my part) so much for spelling mistakes she did it herself. Lol

My Mom’s old preacher’s name at church was Pixie Butt…

No joke! She went by the name…get this…(drum roll)…

Pix Butt!!

I’m not making this up!! lol!


Then I had to create an account for a lady named memory.

We were all having a fit

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Sorry guys I find strange things funny lol

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Got a letter once at my mail sorting facility addressed to a guy named…

Eetchy Wang!! lol!

(Sounded like ‘Itchy Wang’…we were all laffing) :wink:

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At my first job when I was only 16 I heard the other people in the office laughing about a Mrs Whackit - and when I answered the phone and she said it was Mrs Whackit I thought they were having a game with me and I burst out laughing and told her to f@@k off.


LOL that’s too funny.

when i was young there was a funeral director called mr. greedy…!?! :ghost:
and an accountant called mr. crapp…what the !?! :books:
take care :alien:


In first grade there was a kid named Child love.

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Somewhere in the wilds of Iowa there exists a person by the name of Secretly Butters.

Edit: Googleable! Don’t take my word for it!

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In one of my old elementry schools there was a librarian bu the name " Mrs. Butts". I ■■■■ you not.

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