Laughing so hard right now

I was released an hour ago, limited activity, as the surgeon who did this fine piece of work said “Stay in the Damn Chair!” (admittedly I had already defied this order by walking to the bathroom instead of calling for help so I deserved it, but I REALLY ha to go).

So I had to go pick up my back brace, gotta wear it for two months, minimum. My GF came down to pick me up and got my new handicap placard as well (its a proper medical placard, so it works in multiple states) so we parked in the orthopedic specialists lot (where my back brace was made) and this old woman comes up to us, me being helped out into a wheel chair of course, and starts RAILING at us about how we kids are so disrespectful using our ‘grandparents’ placard and faking injury to get a closer parking spot. Then she calls me FAT. That was what set me off, I started laughing so hard it made my back hurt. This woman was calling me fat, and she could have given the Hindenburg a run for its money!

She gets all mad that I’m laughing at her, starts calling me names, and then a truck pulls in beside my GFs car, NY Disabled Veteran plates, and this guy my age climbs out, he seems pretty normal, until you notice his limp. This woman obviously did not notice the limp, or the scars on the side of his head, and the vest he was wearing that said quite clearly “Purple Heart Recipient”

“Another one!” she cries and starts screaming at him about being ungrateful and being a ‘valor thief’. He looks at her, looks at me, and sees me laughing, realizes ive bene laughing since before he pulled in, and shakes his head. He then proceeds to pull up his pant leg, revealing a really nice, titanium shin.

Her mouth keeps moving, but no sound comes out, her eyes get this panicked look and she shouts “You kids these days have NO manners!” and storms off.

Spent a good 20 minutes talking to the veteran, he is in fact a year younger than me, and when I told him what she said to me, he too started laughing. Hearing all this hysterical laughing a tech comes out to see whats going on, we explain to her what happened and she does not laugh. Apparently this woman makes a habit out of coming to the orthopedic specialists lot and screaming at the people who use the handicap parking spaces, based on the belief that ‘young people cant be disabled’.

So I am at a McDonalds right now, eating some tasty, if unhealthy, food, and just thinking about it makes me laugh.


Good tale.
Man, I could use a good laugh too right now.
Good luck, I hope you are up and running soon.