Laughing has become part of my consciousness

Does anyone know how they laugh while they are laughing? Laughing has become part of my consciousness. I have to laugh at my own laughter. I start laughing at something and then, I realize I am laughing, and I start laughing at my laughing.


You know that when you can’t smile, if you force a smile you automatically have a need to smile? It’s contagious also. :smile:

I think I know what you mean. I tend to spaz out, almost autistically, when I start laughing.

Additionally, when I was quite young yet with my SZ (about 2.5 years ago) I used to receive “cascades” of funny images of people acting upset. Everytime I got done laughing, a new image would come into my mind & I’d have chains of laughter or a continuum of laughs.

Nowadays my brain is just numb and demotivated. I’m still trying to work back up to my “happy” self that I was 2+ years ago. I miss those days of enjoying life in spite of “illness”.

The past seems to be there for regretting.
I to laugh at my symptoms. Laughter is a response to adversity and stress.