Latuda... with 350calories but why?

Latuda should according to the pharmaceutical company be taken with 350 calories. However, they do not specify what you should eat and 350calories looks massively different on a plate depending on whether you eat cake or vegetables. So, with a cake there is little to absorb Latuda with but with vegetables a lot. So, what foods should I be eating and why. If I am allowed to absorb Latuda with vegetables then can I eat less than 350calories? I’d really like help with this as I’m so confused… I’ve searched google and nothing is coming up. I asked my psychiatrist too and he didn’t even know why you should take it with food!

Some medicines are fat soluable maybe that’s the reason


I usually don’t think of how many calories its absorbing since I take it after a meal instead of a separate snack.


I use to take 80mg of latuda a day. I would just take it at dinner time, since you usually eat more than 350 calories then. I believe the absorption rate is not very high if it is not taking with a good amount of food.


If Latuda is not taken with at least 350 calories it will not be properly absorbed over time and cause terrible nausea. It should preferably be taken with a fatty meal, not so much with vegetables.


I don’t know about Latuda, but my Geodon is fat soluble, so I have to take it with a full meal. My doctor said 500 calories, not 350. I eat mostly veggies and whole grains, because then I can eat more food overall. It is the calories that count, not the size of the meal. Excess calories are stored as fat, and that’s the goal with these meds. I have noticed that when I take the meds with less that 500 calories, I get dizzy and start acting drunk.


I take Geodon, and you’re supposed to take that with food also. I find myself having to eat when I don’t want to because of this. I guess in that sense you could say Geodon is not weight neutral.


Latuda has made me not been able to lose weight and when I was first diagnosed zyprexa made me a fat ass,

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I agree. My appetite is sky high on Latuda.

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Thanks that’s good to know. I had been eating healthy items but shall try something fatty…

I agree. I was expecting a wonder drug on weight loss but so far no loss just slower gain. It’s because Latuda effects the 5ht2c receptor. Taking Belviq would cause this problem to go away but no insurance covers belviq

What is belviq?

A 5ht2c agonist/weight loss pill

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Did some research on this and read the study that led to this. The gyst was that 350 was the lowest calorie count that led to effective absorption. Fat content made no difference, so definitely not fat soluble. Eat the cake if that what you want. My go to is 2T peanut butter (180) on a slice of bread (80) with a cup of milk (90)

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