Latuda side effect profile

Hello everyone my doctor is switching me from zyprexa to latuda due to sexual dysfunction and too much sedation i wonder if anyone has experience with latuda what was it like and did you have any sexual side effects thank you

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I tried to make the switch from zyprexa to latuda a couple of times. Unfortunately I got chest pain from the Latuda both instances about 10 days in and had to discontinue and go back on zyprexa. Most people don’t get cardiac problems on Latuda though. Hopefully it will work better for you. Btw I had a hard time sleeping without zyprexa.

I liked the effect of latuda. It felt a lot milder than zyprexa and allowed for emotions and feeling more connected to the world.

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Latuda took me longer to get used to than the other drugs Ive been on. But I persisted because it is less sedating. I still get sleepy when I take it but in the day time Im much more myself and more able to express myself than I was on other drugs.

Latuda has been really good at treating the depression that comes with sza. I have no side effects. I also take Paliperidone with it and it seems to be a good combination.


yes thats my feeling too. I felt like a zombie on some other drugs. I noticed in group settings I was always lagging behind processing what everyone was saying. Now I feel more like me.


I didn’t do well on latuda at all. It knocked me out after I took it. You have to take it with at least 350 calories too so I took it with dinner all the time and I’d be falling as keep at the dinner table. Plus it didn’t control my symptoms. I ended up back on zyprexa. I really had high hopes that it would be a wonder drug but it just wasn’t for me, unfortunately.


Yes. I’ve had to alter my diet to be able to take them. My psychiatrist was not helpful at working that out with me at all. He just seemed to say “oh it shouldn’t be sedating. But you can have it with a small meal”. Ignoring that I was finding it sedating, and that I had no idea how to work out what I should be eating with it.

If you are just starting latuda I would advice you to eat a high protein breakfast, normal lunch, small snack, and then small meal when you actually want to sleep. I started buying huel because it is the 400 calories and instant to make.

At first on latuda I got severe unbearable jaw clenching but thankfully it went away.

I have been on latuda six years or more and am stable thankfully.

I get anxiety and insomnia in the evening but not much onside effects I can think of.

I was on Latuda for a few years. I didn’t have many side effects and helped with my psychosis but not mood symptoms. I found better relief with ziprasidone and Lamictal.

Horrible akathesia and nausea, sometimes vomitted the pill, couldn’t sleep

All APs except the dopamine modulator will have sexual side effects. Sedation depends on dosage. When I originally went on 40mg it didn’t work for me took 60mg to work the second time around I drop a decent bit lower then that. That the first couple of month after any switch I find quite sedating. Oddly I don’t really find latuda that sedating at all since I lowered my dosage and built tolerance