Latuda not working starting clozapine

Clozapine was the best psych med I’ve ever been on, but i had to go off of it cuz of cardiac issues (QTc prolongation and tachycardia). It made me salivate a lot and i was constantly constipated, but it took away the voices and i slept really well on it. It was an excellent med for me…

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Actually I am hoping to stay on 250mg. The lower the dose the lower the side effects. But we shall see.

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I had nightmares when I switched from Latuda to Clozapine, but they went away.

All I did was sleep on Clozapine.

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As you Can read. There`s a load of people who are doing really Well on Clozapine here and for whom the switch to Clozapine has bettered there condition so much.

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What about weight gain i had gained around 8 to 10 kgs in a month and a half on zyprexa i hope clozapine isnt similar in that way

Zyprexa was worse for me in terms of weight gain. Clozapine is also a heavy weight gainer but not as bad as Zyprexa.

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I gained a lot in the first year, but I eat better and exercise now and I have lost what I gained.

Been on it for just over 18 months now

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i usually gained 20-30 pounds on zyprexa, 60 on clozapine. theyre very similar

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I have lost a lot of weight on clozaril just changing my diet



If you need a quick fix on positive symptoms, be calmer, and sleep reaaaaalllly well, go for it

As someone That’s just getting off it for reasons of misdiagnosis, one more week to go

For me personally the negatives were:

-It caused me tachycardia which was then controlled by propranolol

-Weight gain. I personally must have gained about 45 pounds in the 12 years I was on it
I have lost maybe 85% of it so far ever since I been on extremely low doses as I’m titrating off

-Lots of blood tests needed. Dunno what the protocol in your country is, but here in Canada the first year is crazy. After a year it’s monthly, which I still anything at times

-It kinda dulled my thinking. Memory was pretty bad. Had trouble mostly will short term

Again, everyone reacts differently
Just sharing my experiences on that medication

Good luck buddy

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Oh yes I tried Zyprexa too

That was record weight gain record for me
It only took 2 months before I had to stop it

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The protocol is that they test my blood weekly for 6 months after that it becomes once a month

Zyprexa 7.5mg at day and night works for me! Haven’t tried clozapine but that’s my next try

İ only took quarter of a pill last night and this morning and i already feel super sedated lets see what happens when im up to my full dose ihope i dont die :smile: