Latuda Morning or Evening?


I take Latuda in the evening. It is very difficult to remember to take it even though I set an alarm for 6.30 every night to remind me.

I am new to Latuda and am used to taking Invega first thing in the morning.

I know this is a question best asked of my psychiatrist, but I wondered if anyone had any experience of taking Latuda morning vs night time?

I don’t think it is making me overwhelmingly tired when I take it. Last night it made me vomit. I take a lot, 120mg that’s three tablets.

Have you taken Latuda? Did you take it in the morning or the evening? Did you try both? What was your preference?

How does it make you feel

I don’t think I am getting many side effects from it as far as restlessness or tiredness goes.

I just noticed a sort of rash on my hand and arm, looks like a whole lot of broken blood vessels just little red markings like a rash but it’s not itchy. I should check the rest of my body.

The Latuda made me sick last night and it has made me queasy before.

Thanks for asking @haete, I like your new avatar.

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I use to take latuda last year.
No problem.
Thanks My avatar changes according to my mood. Almost everyday

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I take it at night too. After dinner.

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i take 60 mg at night and 60 mg in the morning. I dont get any side effects

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I take it in the morning. My pdoc didn’t say when to take it but I read on here that it can cause restlessness so I opted for the morning. I don’t have any side effects from it though I’m only on 40mg. Call your pdoc if it’s giving you a rash. That could be an allergic reaction. Is it like hives? :sunny:

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No I just looked up hives and I don’t think it is that.

Take Latuda with food to try to prevent the nausea.

Latuda gave me restless legs at sleep time so I switched back to my old Abilify 20mg.

I take latuda in the evening since I need to consume 350 calories a half hour before taking it or I get sick.

I take mine before I settle down to sleep, I find it works better about 12 hours after ebing ingested…but its different for everyone…