Latuda did not work feeling down


Hi all so yet another medication has not worked feeling hopeless at this stage


They took me off Geodon and Seroquel and put me on Latuda. I was angry all the time. Later, I realized it was because I was coming off Geodon and Latuda, and not because they put me on Latuda. I opted to go back on those two med’s, though.


I’m gonna try giving coconut oil a go…I heard it’s good for alzhemiers too…Thanks I’m feeling alot more positive


How long have you been on Latuda?


Sometimes it is not necessarily the medication, but the dosage. It could be enhancing your negative symptoms.


I just started taking it today and it made me feel weird


It takes more then just one day to see if anything works. If you aren’t on anything at all and you take any medication, it’s most likely going to make you feel different.

Also, talk to your doc about what your feeling.

I was once given a dose of Haldol that really erased all the voices in my head… at a time where I wasn’t prepared to have a quiet head.

So to the docs… the med was working perfectly. But not knowing what to expect on the med, I sort of freaked out and never wanted to take it again.

Change of any type feels weird.