Latuda by itself

I was told by my psychiatrist latuda is just an add on and i need to be on another antipsychotic too. Does anyone here just take latuda by itself? Does it help wuth symptoms. I took it in addition and liked it because i got zero side effects

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I take it as my only antipsychotic.
I also take escitalopram.

To me it sounds like your doctor maybe mistaken or is not being honest with you. Not everyone needs a cocktail of drugs. One antipsychotic and one anti depressant has been standard for my treatment (I have few positive symptoms).


I take latuda.

I do get some side effects such as weight gain (unusual), low blood pressure, insomnia and sometimes anxiety after I take my medication.

But it’s a good helpful medication for me that I believe has been good for me.

It helped me and made me better.
I think.


It’s my only anti psychotic too.


Your Psychiatrist is an idiot.

Some people take multiple antipsychotics and some don’t.

I take 60mg of Latuda as my only AP. I’m doing phenomenally well compared to when they had me on 40mg of Olanzapine.

It is a weaker AP then some others but that doesn’t mean you need something else.

All these APs affect everyone differently. There are no hard and fast rules. You have to try and see what happens. You can’t predict anything.

If Latuda alone works like it does for me then that’s great. I don’t need any add-ons.


Did they start you out on 40mg zyprexa? That’s an insanely high dose. They had me on like 20mg to begin with, and even that turned out to be way too high, I only need 7.5.

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I’ve not taken too many aps at once. They know I’m sensitive to certain meds. I used to take latuda. I liked it but it got to be too much by itself. Keep in touch with your pdoc even if you don’t like them it’s hard to come by decent help. Hugs

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I mean yea it’s a pretty crappy drug. It just kind of took away the suicidality but didn’t really do anything for anything else.

I used to take latuda when I first became schizophrenic. Now I’m on clozapine and it works a lot better.

If you plan to get on Latuda Then I advice you to stay on it for life because that It’s Geodon(Zeldox, Ziprasidone little sister and Zeldox has such a dirty receptor profile that I almost lost my life after having used Zeldox for nearly 20 years when I quit. So if you use Latuda for more than a decade then don’t even think of getting off it.

I’m gonna ask to try Latuda at my next appointment. I’m really not liking this Haldol.

@photoguy I miss olanzapine. It’s the one that worked best for me but it stopped working for me after about 4 years, 5 years and I got taken off and they won’t let me go back on it.