Latuda and decreased appetite

Anyone taking Latuda and have decreased appetite? I bumped up to 80mg two days ago and haven’t eaten since. I feel tiny hunger pangs, but not enough to make me want to eat. This is strange.

I take latuda and I have decreased appetite. I am on risperadal too and that made me hungry a lot. Now with latuda I skip some meals

Good to know someone else has the experience. I wasn’t sure if latuda was the cause. Decreased appetite is a side effect, but not that common, I think. This didn’t start til I increased to 80mg.

Yes it is. I am on 40 mg I am going to up it to 60 Soon

Awww it’s working with me the opposite way. I’m forcing hunger upon myself not to gain weight :japanese_goblin:

I am on 80mg Latuda and have had a big decrease in appetite for the last couple months.

When the Latuda got added and the Seroquel got cut way back…

I didn’t feel as hungry all the time…

I had more energy…

Plus when I was low energy and at home all the time… I’d eat because I was bored too… that’s never good.

There were a lot of things that went into my appetite… I also used to stress eat.

Maybe I should get on latuda

I’m on Geodon and have a decreased appetite. Does anyone know if they’re the same class of medicine?

you should be taking invega thoug :smile: once you get the insurance to agree with you

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i myself am currently unmedicated and as far as i know nothing is going wrong… but i know that there is still like 25mg of xeplion in my body…

I wish I was!..

Loss of appetite appears to be a relatively common side effect with Latuda, especially if the patient is fairly impulsive / compulsive / irritable / driven / “Type A” / hypomanic or manic (a typical – but not universal – symptom of positive affect).

perhaps you will. just give it some time.