Late nights - and mornings

I’ve lately been so averse to sleeping at night - like I want to stay up all night and sleep all the morning away.

Like I want to sleep between sunrise till 10am and after 12 noon till 3pm.

Is this normal night owl behaviour or is it part of sz/sza?

Last morning I went to bed at 02:30 and slept till 09:30 and tonight it’s 00:47 and don’t want to sleep yet.

It’s like I don’t like my bed at night and in day I like it. It’s not usual for me to go to bed past midnight but the last few months it’s been increasingly like it.

At one stage I alternated between these nocturnal habits and going to bed early by 22:00

Nowadays it’s all late late nights

Every night after hubby goes to bed (he’s early sleeper before 21:30) I have my me-time and come on here and read and journal and watch TV. It’s the highlight of my day and I don’t want it to end…

Yet I feel so empty so often

And have aversion to sleep at night. I go when I have no more I can do - when my thoughts run out and there’s nothing on TV

Why am I like this? Is it normal or mentally ill behaviour?

My sleeping patterns have been similar to that over the last month. I don’t know if that means I’m getting worse or what.

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You might just be a night person. I don’t think all mentally ill people are up all night. You could try calming activities before bed, and start going a little bit earlier every week until your circadian rhythm is back to normal.

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