Late night vent/poem

Get away unless you want to stay
I’m not alive unless I’m seeing your face
Until I forget it I’ll feel disgraced

so get away or chose to stay

oh nevermind

you made it this way

Now I know there are those in perpetual heartbreak
every moment carrying the most beautiful weight
never alleviated it’ll never go away

please come back and let me see that face
place my head on your chest and hear that irregular pace

there is no wrong you could do that would have me turn you away
never never never
I lost the race

I’m forever yours
forever in disgrace

the sadness turns to smiling
The smiling turns to sadness

but I guess…
it’s better than it was before
baring that heavy weight


The late night ballad from the night bard i would clap but i lack digital hands…

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yes but your hands have digits (I hope)

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Huh… I quite like this for some reason

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thanks teo…

I mean eventually I’ll pour back over all this crap for lyrical inspiration… or might I guess…

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