Late night munchies

I’m trying to lose weight. I find eating healthy and smaller portions through out the day time is easy.

Its the night time, before I go to sleep, where I get intense cravings for unhealthy food. My appetite is huge at night!

I just went down stairs and had 2 freezies, some grapes and a glass of orange juice. I should of only had some grapes and thats it. I dont know how many calories I just consumed but im feeling a bit guilty. I know grapes and OJ is healthy for you. Freezies not so much, but its the portion size is what im feeling bad about.


Anyone else get the late night munchies?


Is “freezie” Canadian for popsicle? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

If so, maybe they’re not so bad, as long as the sugar content is on the lower side.

Some people freeze grapes— I’ve heard they’re pretty yum that way.

You can always make your own frozen treats as well!

All in all, doesn’t sound like you ate anything too unreasonable :slightly_smiling_face:.


True! Thanks @Schztuna - I hope you’re doing well these days!


Thanks @TheCanuk, you too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t buy unhealthy food. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. :cat2::cat2::cat2:


Lol a freezie I think other places call “Ice pop”? Idk loool

This thing


Ooooh snap, those things are the business! :star_struck:

Calling dibs on Blue right now! :crazy_face:


You know what’s a good alternative for chips? Crunchy vegetables :hugs::hugs::hugs: (sarcasm implied :joy:) best of luck with keeping in track… you can do it!


Orange juice is high in sugar. A little is ok, but it’s better to eat an actual orange.

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Lol your gonna have to fight me for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Actually I’ll take red as an alternative… I’m trying to live up to a certain Canadian stereotype :smile:

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love freezey pops. haven’t thought of them in years…ha now I’m gonna have an ice cream shake.

When I was a kid they had a house that sold freezies in the neighborhood. Frozen in a cup and you would turn it upside down in the cup and eat it. They made them with jello or something. You couldn’t suck on them and just turn them to ice. They were delish.

I get hungry at night but i dont eat. The first few months of medication i ate nonstop. At night and during the day. But since then my munchies have decreased. Ive noticed an increase in my appetite since i started vistaril.

You only live once. I don’t think snack would hurt. A small portion. I’m trying to lose weight too.

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get them! its the seroquel. god can i eat!

Pea chips have over a thousand calories a bag and their made out of beans and are baked yet still have so many calories.

I love pea chips but can’t have them often.
Maybe I can have them once a year.

Almost a days worth of calories in one bag.

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That sounds good though. The Virgin diet worries more about types of food that make you gain weight than calories and actually works but can be more expensive sometimes.

ya i go all day, sometimes not even breakfast, i dont eat

after supper i get wicked cravings

im trying to loose weight now

so im trying to stick to a schedule now and only have one small snack after supper before bed