Late night browsing

Wassup peeps! Hope y’all are having a good night and are relaxing from a glorious day.

What I’m doing?: Just waiting for the olanzapine to knock me out, browsing the web, just had some water I was really thirsty… Haha, anyways hope y’all are having a good night!


Very good night! I’m about to eat pizza and wings. Your view on solipsism really buoyed me up.

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Ooooo! Delicious, haha. What flavor? Personally I love lemon pepper. Haha, thanks! I’m glad you found it interesting!

Lemon on wings. That doesn’t sound to appealing to me. I might give it a try someday though.

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Are you just waking up?

I just had a night time cup of coffee. I’m gonna have to say it’s better than the morning cup. You can’t truly enjoy it in the morning because you’re tired.

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I just woke up. I would try it at night but my thoughts would get the best of me. Lol, hope you had a good night!

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