Late blooming rose bushes

how many of you have rose bushes and did they bloom early or late and how long were they onmine came on early this year it only lasted 2 to 3 days

Mine aren’t looking too good this year. I think it was the harsh winter we had. They usually bloom all summer long. But they are starting to look a little better, more growth and greener with some buds.

Oh dear, I hope I don’t bore you all with gardening tips…

I did much better winterizing my roses this year so they bloomed a little late, but they are managing pretty well. I tried a new rose… A Boscobel which is a variation of a Classic English… did horrid. That one was NOT meant for this Zone after all.

I tried some Tulips this year… “Queen of the night”

Not as fussy as I thought they would be. But they came up really early. So I’ll try some mulching ideas for next year.

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I usually just cover my roses with leaves. They are right next to the house so they get some heat from that.

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I prune vigorously, add pine needles due to the high acidity that roses like.

Then I make a mixture of 5 tablespoons of the oil with 1 gallon of water. Or, baking-soda solution (1/3 cup baking soda to 1 gallon water) to spray as a fungicide, or I can simply add some dormant oil to that to save time. Coat the canes well and let dry. (we have so much rain, we do get more powder mildew and fungus)

Tie them up and blanket them and I like rough breathable blankets. But if it’s a mild wet year, I don’t do that. This is only when we’re going to hit a freeze.

Did you know that rose bushes like banana peels?

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there are many ways to use dry rose petalshas anyone found a successful way to make them smell a lot more than what they usually are

What about adding a few drops of rose oil to them?

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