Last relapse

How long it’s been after your last relapse?

7 years ago … :spiral_calendar:

About two years ago.

Wow…mine it’s just 1.5 years…do u have fear for any future relapse?

I did for about a year or two, but as time went on I lost that fear mostly. It’s always a possibility though.

After how many years we have get rid of relapse?

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Why their is chance as schizophrenic recover with time?

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I still hear voices from my last psychosis. I’m not fully recovered, I’m not sure I’ll ever be.

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A little less than 3 years.

11 years ago…


How is your condition than? Do u still think u will have relapse anymore?

My mindset is totally different to back then

I douth very much any more psychosis in the future

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Like, maybe 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it comes and goes in waves, no voices or simulation feelings today

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approx. 1 month

It’s been about 4 years since I was last hospitalized.

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