Last night had anxiety

Took abilify and naltrexone early

But put off taking klonopin and Thorazine

Ended up taking 2 Thorazine (10 mg each ). And .5 of klonopin

I believe the abilify makes me anxious (albeit fights psychosis). So if I don’t take klonopin with it it becomes unbalanced.

Best to take klonopin with the abilify.

Or else I’ll never recover from My anxiety until the next morning

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Haven’t taken any meds today yet it’s already 1125. And my anxiety isn’t bad at all

It’s when I take only abilify. My anxiety gets bad

I have to wait till 6pm to take abilify. If I take it any earlier then it makes me too anxious.

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Good I have klonopin !

When I took abilify at night time I would get anxiety/weird feelings starting around 4 pm the next day until when i took it at night !

My pdoc had good things to say about klonopin I explained to her it has no abuse potential for me and I use it as a med. she said that it doesn’t have much abuse potential in her opinion typically. That’s more reserved for Xanax in her opinion. She was happy I was on klonopin , as well as all of my other meds.

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